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Jiangsu Longdi New Materials Co. Ltd, founded in August 2011, is a chemical fiber enterprise for professional production of Polyester Draw Textured Yarn (DTY). The company is located in Liyang Bieqiao Industrial Park, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, adjacent to Yangli Expressway and Yanjiang Expressway; this great location allows for convenient transportation. The company’s workforce consists of around 100 employees, 38 of which have at least a university degree, all of which have been trained professionally to have all the required technical skills and managed under normative standards. The company occupies 3.5 acres of land and is made up of a modern standard steel structure plant, warehouse and office building.
The company owns draw texturing machines of various models: 10 Germany BARMAG FK6-1000, 3 Hongyuan FK6.HY-1 (V), 1 Hongyuan FK6.HY-2DV and 1 Hongyuan FK6.HY-1 (M). The company also owns 1 YG368 automatic filament crimp rate tester, 1 YG023B-III automatic elastic yarn texturing machine and other advanced production machinery as well as their supporting equipment. These machines allow for an annual production capacity of over 20,000 tons.
The company follows the chemical fiber industry strictly which guarantees good quality and aftersales service. Existing products cover a wide range common on the market from 20-300D. Of these, the 75D/144F, 150D/288F round or flat interlaced yarn, 75D/72F, 150D/144F, 150D/288F cationic, bright, dull yarn varieties are well-loved by domestic and foreign customers. Our product development team, led by our chairman, has developed numerous new products. Our untwisted colored yarn, untwisted composite yarn, high shrinkage yarn, high strength & high elastic N66 yarn, bright FDY and other special varieties are relatively rare on the market and all have good prospects for development.
Based on our “customer oriented, high quality and best service” approach, the company is committed to producing the highest quality products possible and providing the utmost service for all our domestic and international textile market customers.