Analysis of the development and future trend of China’s chemical fiber industry in 2016



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Analysis of the development and future trend of China’s chemical fiber industry in 2016

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2016/12/30 15:39
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Chemical fiber generally refers to making natural or composite high molecular substance or inorganic substances into melt spinning or solution before squeezing it from spinning jet (plate) into liquid trickle through filtration and metering, until finally solidify it into fiber. 


Development orientation of chemical fiber in the future 

Firstly, the economic transition of Chinese economy cannot support large-scale expansion continuously. The rapid growth in the past is inseparable with the huge market born of the rapidly growing macro economy.   

Secondly, the marginal effect of technical progress in cost control and scale is on gradual decline. 

Thirdly, the little progress of traditional advanced countries in terms of the chemical fiber industry shows diminishing impetus and power in promoting the technical progress of the chemical fiber industry. China’s chemical fiber industry is bound to shoulder the scientific and technological progress of the global chemical fiber industry.    

Development of high-performance chemical fiber gives expression to the comprehensive national strength of a country. The coming five to ten years are the golden period for the development of high-performance fiber, which are judged based on the following factors. 

Firstly, the field of industrial application has seen continuous growth. Secondly, technical progress; in the future, China will focus on the development of high-performance chemical fiber. High-performance chemical fiber possesses special physical and chemical structure, performance and purpose, or refers to chemical fiber with special functions. It generally refers to fibers whose strength is more than 17.6cN/dtex, and whose elasticity modulus is over 440cN/dtex. Its functions include resistance to high corrosion, low abrasion, high temperature, radiation, flame, and high voltage, high strength, high modulus, high elasticity, reverse osmosis, high efficiency filtration, adsorption, ion exchange, light guide, electric conduction, and multiple medical functions. Most of these fibers are applied to industry, national defense, medical treatment, environmental protection and frontier science. 

I would like to offer the following advice for the development of high-performance fiber in the future. 

Firstly, absorb the development experience in conventional chemical fiber. There are more advantages for the development from downstream to upstream. 

Secondly, it is a must to keep a close watch on the development orientation of chemical fiber in the international market. And low-cost production is a global trend. 

Thirdly, pay more attention to theoretical research and to cooperation with academic institution. 

Fourthly, pay more attention to recovery technology. Because high-performance fiber is resistant to strong acid and corrosion, it may possibly pollute the environment in future applications.