Market analysis of industrial chain for chemical fiber on Aug. 16, 2017



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Market analysis of industrial chain for chemical fiber on Aug. 16, 2017

Industry News
2017/08/16 15:45
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PTA: Presently the machine operation rate for PAT is on the low side. The production and marketing of downstream polyester is more desirable, and the load is still on the high side. The PAT market is basically acceptable and the short-term market adjustment trend remains dominant. 

Glycol: Yesterday the focus of negotiation of ethylene glycol market remained stable, the negotiation atmosphere was active. There were more people awaiting the low price buying. The spot transaction was active near the delivery time, and the number of concluded transactions in September was average. In the peripheral aspect, the crude oil market showed acceptable performance, the RMB exchange rate was increasing and the import advantage was remarkable. Recently, the downstream production and marketing is excellent. There is numerous supply of ethylene glycol based on contract and the demand has exceeded supply. Up to now, the highest price of the cash commodity in East China market is 7,100 Yuan / ton, and the lowest price is 6,950 Yuan / ton. 

PET chip: Yesterday, the price of PET chip was stable. In recent days, the operation of double raw materials was in a stalemate. The profit generated at the cost end was easy to support. In terms of supply and demand, however, the work of the downstream woven polyester is desirable, which supports the mentality of chip manufacturer to some extent. Longzhong news predicted that the room for the stock of PET chip today is probably going to increase. 

Polyester staple fiber: Yesterday, the market price of polyester staple fiber was stable and dropped to some extent. Recently, the operation of raw materials was in a stalemate. The cost side shows disadvantages to some extent. According to need, the downstream enterprises have shown undesirable performance. Under the pressure of shipment, the suppliers’ shipping prices have shown slight reduction. Longzhong news predicted that the polyester staple fiber market today is still in a stalemate. 

PFY: Yesterday the PFY market price has shown slight increase. Recently, the raw material was cleared up in a stalemate, and the support for cost is on the weak side. However, the production and marketing of PFY recently is desirable. Most enterprises have achieved improvement in this aspect and their profits have increased accordingly. Longzhong news predicted that the PFY market today will probably have room of increase.   

Caprolactam: Yesterday prices for the liquid caprolactam of domestic spot market was dropped. The overall work load of enterprises are increasing slowly. The floor cash commodity was sufficient and the supply tended to exceed the demand. Besides, the downstream enterprises was more contradictory to high-priced resources, thus the caprolactam enterprises dropped to a large extent. The transaction price is 15,000 to 15,200 Yuan / ton for reference. It is predicted that the caprolactam market price continued to drop, and the prices is approx. 300 Yuan / ton. 

Cyclohexanone: Yesterday, the market price for cyclohexanone showed slight fluctuation. Disadvantageous fluctuation was shown on the negotiation of purified petroleum benzine market, and the support for the cost end was not sufficient. In addition, spot supplies of cyclohexanone were sufficient, the purchase amount downstream was on the low side, and the conclusion atmosphere was weak. The transaction price of cyclohexanone in East China market is 9,300 to 9,400 Yuan / ton. It is predicated that the domestic cyclohexanone market today was neatened by referring to the horizontal price, and the local fluctuation has dropped.  

Acrylonitrile: The domestic acrylonitrile market prices are still on the high side, and the spot supplies are not sufficient enough continuously. The inventory of the industry is not very high, the manufacturers’ overall sale is on great demand and the quotation is increasing continuously. The middlemen do not have a great many goods, and continue to quote high prices and sell products in limited quantities. The focus of market negotiation kept improving steadily. Wang Liyuan, analyst of acrylonitrile industrial chain of Longzhong News thought that prices of this week were increasing. It was predicted that the price for self-delivery at East China Port today ranged from approx. 12,200 to 12,300 Yuan, whereas the delivery price near Shandong market was 12,700 to 12,800 Yuan, and some of the prices were on the high side.